Score Higher Car Counts with Cost-Effective Auto Repair Postcard Campaigns

Expand reach. Save money. Grow profit.

Today's Prospects Prefer Postcards

Keeping car counts high requires targeted, large-scale marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is often pitched as the only solution, but most consumers actually prefer direct mail, and a surprising amount remains offline.


of consumers don’t regularly use social media1


check their mail daily2


say they pay more attention to messages in print and mail than email3


greater likelihood that postcards are read over other forms of direct mail

Postcard Marketing With Digital Targeting

Precise local targeting drives high ROI postcard campaigns. Grab untapped customer segments with auto repair marketing expertise, or customize it yourself.


Ideal target zones help you reach prospects closest to your business


Zero in on households by income, property value and likeliness to purchase your product/service


Repeat messaging brings prospects one step closer to purchase. Choose your send frequency without long-term contracts


Good creative design is the difference between remembrance and ambivalence. Let our designers dream up clear and uncluttered designs and catch your readers’ eye.


Effective offers pull fence-sitters out of their comfort zone. Our veteran auto repair marketing experts know how to motivate car owners.

1. USPS Mail Moments 2016 Review


Larger purchases in direct mail campaigns compared to email
Postcard Design Samples
The Conceptual Minds Difference
We’ve designed our services to help small and medium-sized auto shops grow through direct mail campaigns. Our team helps reduce direct marketing costs while maximizing ROI, which means higher car counts and bigger profits.

Automotive Expertise

Our team has 12+ Years of automotive industry experience.


Precise Targeting And High-Quality Lists

Send the right message to the right customers at the right time

Buying Power

Enjoy print supply prices available only to high volume businesses

Success Measurement

Performance tracking that keeps tabs on your direct marketing ROI and identifies wasteful spending
Next Steps


Connect with us to discuss your goals


Get your quote within 1-2 business days


Within 30 days, launch your campaign and watch the cars roll in


And receive a complimentary campaign performance analysis
Stand Out with Better Automotive Postcard Design

Q: When will I see a return on my dollars?

A: You should start to see results within 30-days of the first mail drop.

Q: What is the minimum number of times your team recommends sending the postcards to conduct an ideal test?

A: We suggest 2-3 times to get the ball rolling.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept credit cards and checks.

Q: What if I want to try something other than print marketing? Do you provide other marketing services?

A: Yes! We are a full-service marketing agency dedicated to serving automotive businesses. With our marketing resources and expertise, we help our clients unleash their potential for tremendous growth, which they often don’t think was possible before partnering with us. Our Full Range of Marketing Services

Q: What is does your Low Price Guarantee?

We guarantee the lowest price on your next direct mail campaign. The guarantee applies to direct mail options of similar size, weight, etc. Written competitor quote required. Conceptual Minds reserves the right to decline any price match at our discretion.

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