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5 Simple Auto Shop Marketing Tips For April 2020


Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a broad sweeping impact across the globe and within the US right now. For many consumer and business owners, it is a very stressful and unpredictable time and it’s certainly no different for auto shop operators. Our way of doing business is quickly changing and I’m seeing many of you quickly reacting to the changing landscape. These changes range from touch free vehicle drop off and pick up experience to more of a concierge service where shop operators are picking up and dropping off vehicles for their clients.

As you are considering changes, I wanted to share some additional recommendations that may be helpful to you as you navigate this crisis.

In the very near term, I believe that the driving in most parts of the United States is going to near zero until the virus is contained. For those reasons, I feel that the demand is going to plummet and price discounts are going to have very little impact in getting people into stores when they are unlikely to need service. During these scary times, social causes are likely to get more attention from your audience. This type of strategy would also set your business apart from competitors and bode well in the longer term.

Here’s a good article about what major brands are doing during this time.


Cause Marketing During Covid-19

Unique, Community Focused Marketing Strategies For These Challenging Times

Here are some cause marketing recommendations for the next 30 days (aka Apr 2020) that could benefit your auto shop and the community

Elderly-Auto-Repair-CustomerOffer Donation Matches – Donate $x to a local charity – food charity or ones helping first responders – for every service purchased or $x spent
Reach Out To Current Customers – Many of your current customers (especially the high risk demographic) is likely scared and seeking support. So, I recommend reaching out to them to see if they need any help picking up supplies or medication
Team up with a local food vendor – Local restaurants are struggling and people are looking for food alternatives. Consider teaming up with one such vendor to offer discounted food when someone gets a service done from your shopcoronavirus-drive-thru-doctors
Offer reduced price or free service to first responders and their families AND offer to pick up their vehicles from their work or home to get the service done
Offer to use current business resources for food or supply deliveries – If your operation or resources allow for it, then this could be a great way to help out your local community while showcasing your business in a positive light

Social Media, Email, Mass Media and PR could all be a good source of messaging to get the word out about your initiatives. Most importantly – Speed of decision will be critical here!

Tell Us What You Are Doing To Help Your Local Community?

Comment below and tell us what you are doing to help your local community in this time of need. Please don’t forget to include your business and the area you serve and if you like what you read, don’t forget to share this on social media with your network!

Download Our 5 Actionable Social Media Tips That Can Generate Awareness Immediately For Your Brand

Lastly, if you need some help getting the word out about your efforts through social media, we have created 5 social media tips that you should find helpful. Please fill the form below to download.

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Conceptual Minds Is Doing Our Part To Help Those Impacted by Covid-19

As our way of helping, Conceptual Minds will be donating 5% of all revenues generated in April to charities supporting The Community Foundation Of Northern VA – a fund that has been set up to help charities that are helping those who have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.

So, if we can help you in getting the word out about your initiatives, please let us know. Our team stands ready to help you and our local community! Email us at or call 877.524.7696 to get started.


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