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Easy to use Direct Mail ROI Calculator for Auto Repair Business

Automotive business operators often ask us how much they should expect to make if they were to invest in print marketing. So, to make it easier, we have created this easy to use calculator that will give you a good idea of the ROI you can expect from print marketing!

Simply plug in some basic numbers about your business like average revenue per order (ARO), how many units you would consider mailing out and let this calculator do the rest for you. We have even provided some basic industry benchmarks to help you complete the calculation!

Low Price Guarantee

Our Low Price Guarantee

We are confident in our expertise, relationships and buying power. This is why we guarantee the lowest price on your next direct mail campaign.

The Conceptual Minds Difference

At Conceptual Minds, our top priority is helping small and mid-sized automotive businesses execute direct mail campaigns that reach and convert the right customers driving higher car counts and greater profits.

We’re proud to treat your investment like it’s our own and work hard to always remain focused on Return On Investment.

In fact, for many of our clients, we help reduce their direct marketing spending, while still helping them grow their overall revenue. Our team offers:

Automotive Expertise

Our team has 12+ years of automotive industry experience.

Precise Targeting and High-Quality Lists

Our precise targeting tools allow us to help deliver the right message to the right vehicle owners at the right time.

Buying Power

Buying for many businesses allows us to negotiate and offer prices that are generally not rarely available to automotive businesses locally.

Success Measurement

Our ability to track performance for our clients is what sets us apart from other providers.

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Automotive Direct Mail FAQs

Q: Will Conceptual Minds help me determine the ROI (return on investment) for my direct mail campaign?

A: Yes, Absolutely! At Conceptual Minds, we work hard to ensure that everything we do drives value for our clients. This includes any and all direct mail marketing efforts. We help our clients implement a variety of strategies to make certain that we can track ROI for their dollars and help them ensure that they are getting the biggest bang for their buck.

Q: Which type of automotive businesses can benefit from direct mail marketing?

A: Most automotive businesses can and will benefit from direct marketing, but it’s critical that they approach it the right way. Since direct mail can be one of the most expensive marketing channels, the right strategy, targeting, messaging, and tracking are all key to achieving the best results possible.

Q: Why should I use Conceptual Minds versus another direct mail marketing service provider?

A: Conceptual Minds has over a decade of experience buying and executing effective print marketing campaigns for automotive businesses. Our clients get the benefit of leveraging our strong relationships and buying power to enjoy rates and targeting that likely is not possible through their local reps.

Additionally, we are only loyal to one organization – our client. Our team’s efforts are always focused on creating the right design, and messaging, and tracking results so we can offer the best advice possible regardless of the provider.

Q: What can I expect from Conceptual Minds as my automotive direct mail marketing partner?

A: At Conceptual Minds, we use a 4-step process proven to deliver our auto service provider clients results when it comes to maximizing their direct mail investment.

Q: How quickly can Conceptual Minds launch my automotive direct mail campaign(s)?

A: Of course, the time from start to finish depends on the type, size, and scale of your campaign(s). In general, from the time you say go, we can help you create your print collateral (whether it’s Valpak coupons, Valassis mailers, new movers, or reminder postcards) and launch your campaign in about 30-45 days.

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