Automotive Shop Closing (Tire & Auto Shops) By State Due To Coronavirus

updated Mar 25, 2020 10:03 PM EST

Fear of Coronavirus spread and promotion of social-distancing is leading many state governments to call for closure of businesses. These blanket closure orders are creating all sorts of confusion about which businesses are impacted. Consumers and businesses alike are wondering which business types are considered “essential” to the community and which are considered “non-essential”.

The federal government has issued guidance on critical infrastructure industries that should remain open during this crisis and auto repair facilities have been listed as “essential”. The entire list and actual guidance can be found here.

Having said that, states may still offer more specific guidance and could potentially order closure of auto service organizations.

In an effort to keep the tire & auto industry operators and consumers updated, Conceptual Minds has created this page to track the automotive shop closing across the United States.


  • Minnesota  -Gov. Walz ordered shelter in place starting at 11:59pm on Mar 27. The order is expected to remain in effect till Apr 10. Essential businesses including auto shops are expected to remain open


  • Texas – no official statewide order issued yet. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and El Paso have issued ‘stay at home’ orders.


  • Vermont – Gov. Scott issued ‘stay at home’ order beginning March 25 through April 15. Non essential businesses including auto shops expected to remain open.


  • Wisconsin – Gov. Evers issued a ‘safer at home’ order that went into effect on Mar 25 and remains until Apr 24. Essential businesses including auto repair facilities expected to remain open.


  • Idaho – Gov. Little issued a ‘stay at home’ order on Mar 25 and is expected to remain active for 21 days. Essential services including auto shops are expected to remain open


  • Hawaii – Gov. David Ige issued ‘stay at home’ order for residents on March 25 and will last through at least Apr 30. Essential services are still allowed to operate so automotive services are likely to remain open


  • New Mexico – Gov. Grisham ordered a ‘stay at home’ order on March 24. Essential businesses including auto shops expected to remain open


  • Washington – Gov. Inslee issued a ‘stay at home’ order for residents of the state of Washington for at least two weeks beginning March 23, 2020. This order applies to all non-essential businesses. Automotive repair businesses are considered essential by the state.


  • Maryland and DC – Governor of Maryland, and Mayor of DC have issued closing of all non-essential businesses as of Monday, March 23, 2020. Since auto repair facilities are considered essential, they are expected to remain open


  • Virginia – Governor Virginia has issued closing of some personal care businesses but as of March 23, 2020 all non-essential businesses are expected to remain open!


  • Kentucky – issued closing of all non-essential businesses. Auto shops expected to remain open


  • Indiana – Gov. DeWine issued ‘Shelter in place’ beginning at midnight on Monday, March 23. The order is expected to last until Apr 6, 2020. Indiana will follow federal guidelines for ‘essential’ businesses and therefore, auto shops are exempt from this order as they are considered essential businesses.


  • West Virginia – Gov. Justice issued a ‘Shelter in place’ order for West Virginia beginning Tuesday March 24, 2020 at 8pm. we expect West Virginia to follow federal guidance and thus consider auto shops ‘essential’ and allow them to remain open.


  • Oregon – Gov. Brown issued executive ‘stay at home’ order on March 23. Essential businesses included auto shops expected to remain open


  • Michigan – Gov. Whitmer issued ‘Shelter in place’ order on Mar 23, 2020. The order will go into effect at midnight. Michigan is expected to follow federal guidelines regarding essential services so we believe that auto shops are likely considered ‘essential’ and expected to remain open.


  • Massachusetts – Gov. Baker issued an emergency order to close all non-essential businesses beginning March 24th at noon. This order is expected to remain in place till Apr 7, 2020. Auto shops considered ‘essential’ and allowed to remain open per the order.


  • Delaware – Gov. Carney announced that his state has issued a ‘Stay At Home’ order which includes closing of all non-essential activities and businesses by 8 am Tuesday, Mar 24. Auto parts, accessories, and tire stores are considered ‘essential’, however, it’s important to note that Auto Dealers are NOT considered essential according to the list provided by the state.


  • Ohio – State Health Director – Amy Acton – issued ‘Stay At Home’ order beginning Monday, Mar 23 at 11:59pm. This order will remain active through Apr 6, 2020. All non-essential businesses and individuals are expected to comply. Ohio seems to be following the Federal guidance in defining essential v. non-essential businesses. Therefore, auto shops are likely expected to remain open.


  • Connecticut – Gov. Ned Lamont issued shelter in place order beginning March 23 at 8pm through Apr 22, 2020. Like California, Illinois, and New York only essential businesses are expected to remain operational. Auto repair facilities are likely to considered essential with this order.


  • Lousiana – Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a ‘Stay at home’ order for all non-essential activity beginning Monday, Mar 23 through Sunday, Apr 12.
    • Stay at home order was previously issued by New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell for all city residents starting March 20. ‘Essential’ businesses to remain open. Since there’s no specific guidance for auto shops, we expect New Orleans to follow federal guidance.


  • Illinois – Gov. J.B. Pritzker has issued a ‘shelter in place’ order starting Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 5pmthrough Apr 7, 2020. Auto service businesses are expected to be considered ‘essential’ and remain open. Idea


  • Pennsylvania – Gov. Tom Wolf has ordered closure of all non life-sustaining businesses on Mar 19, 2020. According to additional details provided by Gov. Wolf’s office – auto repair facilities ARE considered essential and may continue to remain open while practicing recommended social distancing practices


  • New Jersey – Bergen County Executive James Tedesco ordered closure of auto shops unless they were connected to a gas station beginning Mar 17 at 11pm


  • California – Gov. Newsom issues statewide order to ‘stay at home’ effective Thursday evening. He said, “We need to bend the curve in the state of California”, as he announced a statewide order for Californians to stay home. Effect on auto shops unknown at this time. This story is breaking news. Check back later for additional details.
    • San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa, and Alameda counties have issued sheltered in place till April 7, however, auto shops are considered “essential” and thus are remaining open


  • Nevada – Sisolak ordered closure of all non essential businesses for 30-days on Mar 17, 2020. The announcement lists gas stations as “essential”, however, auto shops were not specifically mentioned


  • New York – Gov. Cumo has ordered New York state residents to stay in side and has ordered “quarantine” starting Sunday Mar 22, 2020. Businesses considered ‘essential’ still remaining open.
    • On Mar 19, Gov. Cuomo issued an executive order for businesses that rely on in-office businesses to reduce in-office workforce by 50-percent. This order applies to all non-essential businesses who have also been asked to create work from home policies. Essential businesses include shipping, media, warehousing, grocery and food production, pharmacies, health-care providers, utilities, banks and related financial institutions, and other industries critical to the supply chain. Auto repair businesses are not specifically mentioned on either list as of this update.


  • Colorado – A shelter in place order issued by authorities in Colorado’s San Miguel County took effect March 18 and will last until at least April 3. The area contains five towns, including Telluride. This order very similar to the one ordered by the state of California. Auto shops are considered ‘essential’ businesses per this order.


  • Georgia – Atlanta major issued a 14-day ‘stay at home’ order on Mar 23.
    • Athens-Clarke County commissioners, issued a shelter in place order on March 19. The order is expected to remain in place until April 7.


  • Idaho – Blaine County officials issued a shelter in place order for all residents. The order is expected to remain in place until Apr 6 and it does consider gas stations as essential. Although, it’s not completely clear, we expect auto shops to be considered as ‘essential’ as well.




If you have information about a particular jurisdiction that is not showing updated on this page, please complete the form below so we can keep this page updated to the best of our ability.