What Auto Repair Shops Need to Know About Cable TV Advertising

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While it may seem like a thing of the past, there are still 72 million cable TV subscriptions in the U.S., which makes cable TV advertising a highly effective and cost-efficient tool, particularly for local businesses like auto repair and tire shops.

Let’s dig into what cable advertising is, why it works, and how your auto repair or tire shops can harness its potential to drive business growth and turn local cable subscribers into your new customers.

Understanding Cable TV Advertising

Cable TV advertising involves placing commercials on cable networks that deliver programming to subscribers via coaxial or fiber-optic cables. Unlike broadcast TV (which reaches anyone with an antenna) cable TV targets a more specific audience: subscribers to a cable service. This can include a range of channels, from major networks to niche channels focusing on particular interests, allowing for more targeted advertising.

Why Cable TV Advertising Works

Targeted Reach

Cable TV allows advertisers to target specific geographic areas and demographics. It’s especially popular for those in rural and remote areas, who don’t have the internet speed required for quality internet streaming. In the US, that’s 20.1 million locations! This means it’s a great opportunity for reaching potential customers within the local community.

Diverse Programming

The variety of channels and programs on cable TV allows for precise targeting. Auto repair and tire shops can place ads on channels or programs that appeal to car owners, such as sports networks, automotive shows, or local news.

Case in Point: By targeting specific geographic areas and demographics with their local cable TV ads, Christian Brothers Automotive has been able to reach potential customers effectively, see a significant boost in business, and target new, qualified staff. Learn more here.

Brand Building

Television ads have a powerful impact due to their combination of visual and auditory elements. A well-crafted TV commercial can significantly enhance brand recognition and trust, making viewers more likely to choose a familiar name when they need auto repair services.

High Engagement

The average American adult spends more than 5 hours watching TV every day, and Cable TV viewers tend to be more engaged with the content they watch. This engagement extends to commercials, which are often less likely to be skipped compared to online ads. This captive audience can be crucial for businesses that rely on local customers.

Cost-Effectiveness of Cable TV Advertising

Affordable Rates

Compared to national TV advertising, local cable TV spots are relatively inexpensive. This makes cable TV an attractive option for small businesses with limited advertising budgets. Rates can vary based on the time slot, channel, and program, allowing for flexibility in budget allocation.

Localized Advertising

One of the main advantages of cable TV advertising is the ability to target ads to specific local markets. This means your shop can focus their ad spend on reaching potential customers in their service area, avoiding the waste associated with broader, less targeted advertising.

Case in Point: It can also help you target specific age demographics. 50% of US adults have a monthly cable or satellite subscription, with 57% of those being owned by Baby Boomers. This group has the most discretionary income, and holds about 70% of the net worth of American households. That makes them more likely to have higher end vehicles that need specialized services.

Flexible Scheduling

Cable TV advertising offers flexibility in terms of ad scheduling. Businesses can choose to air their commercials during specific times of the day or during particular programs that align with their target audience’s viewing habits. This ensures that ads reach viewers when they are most likely to be watching.

Co-Op Advertising Opportunities

Many manufacturers and distributors offer co-op advertising programs that allow local businesses to share the cost of advertising. This can further reduce the financial burden on auto repair and tire shops, making TV advertising even more accessible.

Strategies for Effective Cable TV Advertising

Identify the Target Audience

Understanding the target audience is crucial for any advertising campaign. Auto repair and tire shops should identify the demographics and interests of their ideal customers and choose channels and programs that align with these characteristics.

Create Compelling Content

The effectiveness of a TV commercial depends on its ability to capture and hold the viewer’s attention. Auto repair and tire shops should focus on creating high-quality ads that highlight their services, showcase customer testimonials, and include a clear call to action.

Case in Point: If done correctly, a study by VAB (the Video Advertising Bureau) found that CTV advertising produced a 20% increase in brand awareness, a 15% increase in consideration of the brand, and a 10% increase in customer’s intent to purchase.

Leverage Local Events and Seasons

Timing can enhance the impact of TV ads. Running ads during local events or in conjunction with seasonal needs (e.g., winter tire services or tune ups before summer road trips) can increase their relevance and effectiveness.

Case in Point: Olio, a UK based App that fights against food waste, created a series of emotion driven ads leading up to the Christmas holiday and through the new year. The campaign resulted in a 23% increase in sign ups and a 25% increase in visits to their website. Learn more here.

Monitor and Adjust

It’s important to track the performance of TV ads and make adjustments as needed. This can involve analyzing customer feedback, tracking new customer inquiries, website visits, and monitoring changes in sales patterns to determine the ad’s effectiveness.

Cable TV advertising can offer your auto repair or tire shop a powerful and cost-effective way to reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive business growth. With its targeted reach, high trust and influence, and customizable campaign options, cable TV remains a valuable tool in the marketing arsenal of local businesses. By leveraging the visual and emotional impact of TV ads, your shop will be able to effectively connect with potential customers and stand out in a competitive market.

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