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We’re experts at designing websites that become your tire & auto shop’s best salesperson!

Why Website Quality And Performance Are Critical For Your Tire & Auto Shop?

Today, most customers’ first interaction with your business isn’t over the phone or in-person, it’s on your website. That makes your website one of the most important members of your sales team. So, if you’re struggling to drive new leads and bring more customers to your tire & auto service business, it’s time to make quality, design and performance a priority!


Of all consumers start researching products or services online, before ever stepping into a store

(RetailDIVE Consumer Survey)


Of auto service customers report going to the business website before their in-store visit

(DEMautomotive Study)


Of tire buyers visited dealer websites and 84% then purchased tires in the store

(Google Report)

3 Years

Average lifespan of a website, before performance likely to decline without updates

(Orbit Media Studios Report)

What Can You Expect From A Conceptual Minds Website?

We know we’re one of many companies offering tire & auto repair website design services. That’s why you should know that unlike most of our software provider competitors, we go above and beyond monthly website packages with one-size fits all design templates and minimal content options. We help our clients simplify website management, and never limit access or require long wait times when business request an update.

Effective Design, Expert Development

Award-winning, mobile friendly, beautiful websites designed specifically with auto service consumers in mind


Highly Converting, Engaging Content

Data-informed, relevant, and engaging website content that answers questions sought out by auto consumers


Proven, Search Engine Visibility

Highly effective SEO tactics that ensure your website is easy to find and appealing to auto consumers


Ongoing Website Management

Expert website management that ensures your new website performance and quality is maximized well after its launch


Tire Inventory Integration

Websites connected with distribution warehouses like American Tire Distributors, TCi Tire Centers, Max Finkelstein, Van Kleeck Tire, Carroll Tire


Real-Time Pricing Integration

Website with auto pricing updates linked to industry POS systems like MaddenCo, JMK, Freedomsoft, ASA, AutoBiz


Shopping Cart Integration

Websites with shopping cards linked to online payment systems like Paypal, Stripe,, Merchant Partners


Shipping Integration

Websites allowing customers to select shipping companies like Fedex and UPS

Typically, our clients see 25% increase in web and phone call leads after working with us to create and launch their new tire & auto website.

Our Tire & Auto Shop Web Design Work

Our Tire & Auto Repair Website Design Solutions

Our master marketers have many years of experience designing, managing, and optimizing websites for tire & auto service businesses. We proudly offer tire & auto shop web design services that easily adapt to suit the goals and needs of our diverse auto repair clients.


Custom, easy to update mobile-friendly websites


Service-specific landing pages designed to generate leads


Highly engaging, dynamic content including videos


Seamless manufacturer coupon and scheduling tool integrations

Client Success Story
Wiygul Automotive Clinic
Client Overview:





Increase in Website Traffic


More Time Spent on
Website by Visitors


Increase in Total Online
Service Appointments

Our Customers Love Our Websites That Serve As Lead Magnets

  • When it comes to tire & auto shop website work, Conceptual Minds knocks it out of the park, every time! If you’re looking for a ZERO STRESS experience with a team who gets to know your business, understands the tire industry, always responds, and delivers TOP-NOTCH websites that CONVERT your leads into actual customers - go with Conceptual Minds!
    Zack Wiygul, Owner
    Wiygul Automotive Clinic
  • John Daniels, Executive VP
    When your marketing agency gets you results like Conceptual Minds, you stick around. But it’s not just the new customers and higher car counts – it’s the fact that they’re more of a partner than a provider that makes Taran’s team and their approach the best choice for our shop.
    John Daniels, Executive VP
    Daniels Tire Service
Not Sure if You Need a Website Re-design?
Download our “Website Re-Design Checklist & Prioritizing Changes Guide”
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Not Sure if You Need a Website Re-design?

Download our “Website Re-Design Checklist & Prioritizing Changes Guide”

Get Started On Creating A Website That’s A Lead Magnet

Auto Repair Website Design FAQs

Q: Do I really need to invest in a new (or upgraded) website when I’m already doing lots of other marketing for my auto repair business?

A: We think so. Regardless of how great your marketing efforts are, where are your target consumers most likely to go to learn more about your business? You guessed it, your website! Now more than ever, people are turning to online research well before they step foot into a store or shop.

In the age of digital media and smart phones, consumers judge your business based on how your website looks, functions, and the value/quality of its content. So, if it isn’t updated to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, potential customers may see your business as less trustworthy or lacking experience. Even worse, an outdated website often leads to losing potential customers.

So, start by asking yourself: 

If you answered no (or maybe not) to any of those questions, then investing in your website should not only be your top priority but an immediate one. Don’t have enough information to answer these questions? No worries! We can help with a free assessment of your current website.

Q: What if my auto repair business website needs some updates, but not a complete overhaul, can Conceptual Minds still help me?

A: Absolutely! At Conceptual Minds, we’re experts at improving your current website with our website optimization services. Investing in our tire & auto shop website optimization solutions can help your business:

Regardless of your current provider, we can help make small tweaks or even design and develop new landing pages that fit within the look and feel of your current site.

Q: What’s the difference between template-based and custom-designed websites? What type is ideal for my auto service business?

A: Simply put, a template-based website is one with a pre-set design and content blocks – meaning that it will look (and sound) very similar to any other businesses using it. They are meant to serve a large number of businesses with a single design (look and feel).

Think of template websites like leasing a car. If and when you decide to cut ties with your provider, you’ll lose your website, including all of the work you may have put in updating it and optimizing it for your customers.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with template websites, and they can come at a lower price, there are drawbacks when compared to a custom-designed site, such as:

In the end, opting for a template site is a lot like sharing your best salesperson with your direct competitors. So, when deciding between a custom or a template site, it’s important to consider whether a smaller investment is worth the risk of blending in and possibly limiting the potential to grow in the future.

Q: Will Conceptual Minds help me determine Return on Investment (ROI) for my auto repair website?

A: Yes, Absolutely! At Conceptual Minds, we work hard to ensure that everything we do drives value for our clients. This includes any/all auto repair website design efforts. We help our clients implement a variety of strategies to make certain that we can track ROI for their dollars and help them ensure that they are getting the biggest bang for their buck.

Q: Should I invest in ongoing support after my auto repair website is launched and can Conceptual Minds provide me with the support I need?

A: Yes, to both questions. Launching a new website is just the beginning to maximizing how well it performs for your business as a lead conversion and sales tool. Think of it this way: your website is just like a member of your team, in fact, a high performing website can be your best salesperson that works 24/7, talk to hundreds, if not thousands of consumers, without needing benefits or time off. Knowing that, doesn’t it make sense to continue investing in your website after launching it, just like you would after hiring an employee? Similar to the regular training your staff needs to continue developing their skills, your new website requires on-going support services to ensure it continues performing at maximum capacity (long after it’s first launched).

Our team can provide you with everything your new website needs to succeed. To start, we recommend investing a minimum of two hours per month for ongoing performance measurement. That way we can assess what’s working and what areas of the site need additional analysis and subsequent improvement.

For example, if we notice you’re not seeing much engagement on a particular landing page, we can create heat maps to determine where your customers are spending the most time and what’s causing them to leave before they convert. We can also help identify (and address) issues related to consumers not spending enough time on your website, by changing around content and/or layout of one or more page(s).

Other areas of on-going investment to consider could include (but not limited to):

Learn more about how we can help by visiting our website optimization services page.

Q: How quickly can Conceptual Minds launch my new tire & auto shop website?

A: The length of time to create a fully functional website is based on a variety of factors, including the level of customization and complexity; the number of pages your site will have; and the number of revisions you’ll require throughout the process.

On average, a smaller website with limited customization and revisions can take a few weeks, while a larger, more complex website can take several months to complete.

Q: What is the average cost for a website?       

A: Each website ranges in price, depending on the requirements, the Conceptual Minds team and our auto repair clients decide upon together. The cost will be based on client design preferences, complexity of functionality, the size of the website, and any marketing support that may be needed (SEO, copywriting, social media integration etc.)

Q: What is the average cost for a website?       

A: Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach that develops websites for an optimal viewing experience – easy reading and simple, intuitive navigation with a minimum amount of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling by a site visitor – across a wide range of mobile devices, as well as traditional desktop computers. With recent changes in Google’s algorithms, the responsive nature of a website has taken on even more importance and all of the new websites we develop are responsive in nature.

Our web design team specializes in building websites that deliver the best experience for our clients’ customers across their mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers.

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