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Our automotive search engine optimization experts help generate high volume of local traffic by improving website rankings!

Why Effective Auto Repair SEO is Critical for Your Business?

Most tire & auto service operators understand the importance of having a website. But if consumers never reach your website, it might as well not exist. Investing in tire & auto shop SEO ensures your website is highly visible and engaging on search engines like Google or Yahoo, where most new auto service shoppers turn first to research and compare providers (Google Survey, 2017).


Of clicks go to the top three websites in search results

(SMA Marketing Blog)


More website traffic comes from search engines vs. social media

(SMA Marketing Blog)


Of shoppers looking to buy, service, or customize a car start online


Tire & auto service operators often believe that their website developers perform the same duties as an automotive SEO company. Yet, for many auto repair websites, developers simply copy the code over from a generic template, which includes basic SEO, rarely enough for a high-performing website. At Conceptual Minds, we take automotive search engine optimization seriously. Our on-page and off-page SEO strategies drive high-quality traffic (the right consumers) to your website, generating a high volume of leads, and ultimately bringing more customers to your shop.

What Our Tire & Auto Clients Say

  • Compared to other tire & auto marketing providers, working with Conceptual Minds is a completely different story. “Set it and forget it” is just not something that Taran and his team do. They’re constantly looking through data and how our customers are responding for ways to get us even more out of our marketing efforts. That and the results they deliver us keep us very, very happy!
    Zack Wiygul, Owner
    Wiygul Automotive Clinic
  • There aren’t many marketing agencies who actually get tire & auto AND are 100% invested in seeing your business succeed. You won’t find a lot of other teams like Conceptual Minds – the amount of time and care they put into anything and everything they do for us is hard to beat.
    Omar Gutierrez, Owner
    The AutoMedic
  • Taran and his team do a great job at helping me look at our marketing at a high level. That insight has given us a much better idea of how to turn our marketing dollars into higher car counts and profits. With Conceptual Minds in our court, we make smarter decisions that don’t waste our time or money.
    Betsy Briggs, Owner
    ABS Unlimited Auto Repair
  • John Daniels, Executive VP
    When your marketing agency gets you results like Conceptual Minds, you stick around. But it’s not just the new customers and higher car counts – it’s the fact that they’re more of a partner than a provider that makes Taran’s team and their approach the best choice for our shop.
    John Daniels, Executive VP
    Daniels Tire Service
The Conceptual Minds Difference

As a full-service automotive SEO company, we ensure that your website doesn’t get lost in the crowd! Our team of seasoned web developers, graphic designers, content writers, Google certified experts, data analysts, and digital strategists specialize in increasing your website’s search ranking, conversation rates, and brand reputation. With over 12 years of combined auto repair SEO experience, serving up solutions proven to deliver higher search rankings and better brand recognition for our clients is what we do best!


Expert Technical Site

We assess and execute key improvements for your website’s code including page titles, urls, and meta descriptions to maximize your search engine ranking.


Page Speed Analysis and Improvements

We evaluate your site’s loading speed and execute tactics to produce significantly faster load speed across your entire website.


Mobile Responsive Site Upgrades

We offer web development and design services to ensure your website delivers a high-quality experience when viewed on a desktop and a mobile device.


In-Depth, Expert-level Keyword Research

We help ensure your website ranks for the right keywords and appears in the top search result for consumers seeking your auto services.


Customer-Driven Content Marketing

We adjust, curate, and build new content on (e.g., landing pages, blogs) and off your website (e.g., social media) to answer your target consumer’s top sought questions and increases credibility/value of your content and brand.


Highly Effective Link Building Strategies

We help attract other websites and online sources to feature links pointing back to your website, increasing your credibility and traffic.

Our Auto Repair SEO Process
On-Page Auto Repair SEO Process

We ensure our clients’ websites send the right and strongest signals to Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc., so each search engine accurately translates and tags the information on every webpage. Our on-page SEO strategies help our clients’ websites get to and stay at the top their customers’ search results.

Step 1

Identify On-Page SEO tactics and management best suited to advance your business goals

Step 2

Analyze user behavior, traffic flows, and other data on your website to determine your key on-page SEO gaps and opportunities

Step 3

Create and execute strategy that could include adjusting code, content, layout, etc., established as offering the greatest benefit to advance your website’s organic search ranking

Step 4

Execute ongoing analysis to identify and improve your website’s on-page SEO performance

Off-Page Auto Repair SEO Process

We help our clients create engaging website content specific to their tire & auto customers. Our off-page content strategies elevate our clients’ credibility among auto consumers and search engines, alike. Many clients also report lower paid search advertising costs as a long-term benefit.

Step 1

Analyze your current website content quality, scope, user engagement, etc., to determine your key off-page SEO gaps and opportunities

Step 2

Research and select top keywords to determine content topics, calendar, and strategy that outranks your competitors and maximizes your website traffic

Step 3

Create and execute a strategy that could include publishing blog, video, infographic type content to reach your target auto service consumer

Step 4

Perform ongoing measurement to identify and build out content proven to advance your website’s off-page SEO performance

Help My Website Generate More Visits From Search

Our SEO Packages & Pricing
Basic Tune-Up Package

$799 per month

Signature Service Package

$1,399 per month

High Octane Package

$1,999 per month

Not sure which package is right to maximize your tire & auto shop SEO investment?


Q: Do I need to invest in SEO if I’m already running Google ads/doing other digital marketing?

A: In today’s “digital-first” world, auto service consumers research and shop in a variety of ways, many of which involve going online. That makes it absolutely necessary for your tire & auto shop to invest in a variety of marketing solutions including SEO. Using Google ad (PPC marketing) campaigns works really well to instantly reach “ready to buy” consumers (i.e., closest to purchasing a product or service you offer). However, PPC can get very expensive (to the point of unaffordable) when used to go after every possible search opportunity, including consumers early in their research and not yet ready to buy.

SEO is your best bet when going after opportunities that aren’t ideal or cost-effective to attract using PPC ads. In fact, tapping into SEO can be a great long-term tactic to drive a large amount of traffic to your website because more consumers are likely to click on organic links on Google/Yahoo/Bing than paid (PPC) ads.

Finally, when SEO and PPC are done well together as part of your shop’s marketing efforts, it can help increase leads and reduce PPC cost over time!

Q: I’ve tried focusing on SEO before and it didn’t make a difference for my tire & auto shop. Why should I re-consider it?

A: Simply put, SEO is a long-term, strategic planner’s game. It is time consuming (can take several months to get going) because it requires:


Gone are the days when all you needed for your SEO to deliver results was to understand how to trick search engines by building tons of links or endlessly inserting keywords on your site. Nowadays, that same strategy can either get you in hot water or simply not get very far with the search engines.
That said, SEO strategy can be quite rewarding if you work with a provider who really understands the auto service industry and the consumers that buy your products and services, plus has expertise in search engine strategies. In addition, an effective SEO provider must take the time to get to know your business and track progress of your SEO efforts using accurate and consistent tactics.
All in all, if you didn’t get the results you were looking for with your past SEO investment, it’s likely because one or more of the factors (listed above) weren’t done well or at all.

Q: Why do I need an agency like Conceptual Minds at all to maximize my SEO?

A: As shared in the response to the previous question, an effective SEO provider must have a solid understanding of the auto service industry, your business goals, the products/services you offer, and the consumers you’re going after, especially their buying behaviors – all the while doing a good job of tracking your progress.

At Conceptual Minds, you can rest assured that our master marketers check off all those boxes. We also have a proven track record for meeting and exceeding our tire & auto service clients’ expectations when it comes maximizing their SEO investment and helping achieve their business goals (e.g., increasing profits and car counts).

Q: What’s the difference between local and traditional SEO? Can Conceptual Minds help me with both?

A: Local SEO focuses on showing up high in search results using a local (Google) map and for results that include search terms such “near me,” and/or name a specific location (e.g., a city or zip code).

On the other hand, traditional SEO is about showing up at the top of organic search engine rankings across all other searches related to a product or service, without references to a specific location.

Both types of SEO are important for tire & auto service businesses to consider and take advantage of when it comes to attracting more leads/customers to your shop. At Conceptual Minds, our master marketers have expertise in both types, and have got you covered, whether you’re operating a multi-location business or you’re a single location shop.

Q: Once Conceptual Minds starts working on my SEO how long will it take for my website to start getting more leads and conversions?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet or specific time frames when it comes to SEO. That means, as a business owner/operator you should consider SEO a long-term investment and go in expecting efforts to take several months before your investment starts delivering ongoing results.

In a nutshell, SEO can have a huge payoff for your shop, but it requires patience, particularly in the early stages. That said, one of the biggest benefits of partnering with Conceptual Minds for your SEO efforts is that we are committed to giving your regular updates and recommendations for improvement, from the very start and throughout our work together.

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