Transforming Growth After Tragedy:

How One Single-Location Auto Shop Boosted Leads While Minimizing Costs

Champion Auto Repair

In the face of a devastating fire that led to the relocation of their auto repair shop, Champion Auto, a single-shop operator in Brooklyn, NY with a decade of experience, found themselves in the position of rebuilding and re-establishing their business from scratch. Within the first six months of Conceptual Minds taking over their Google Ads/PPC management, Champion Auto witnessed an astounding growth in leads on a month-over-month basis.


The Results

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growth in leads on a month-over-month basis

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reduction in the cost per good lead

The Nuts and Bolts
The Challenge

Having successfully operated for three years post-relocation and experiencing steady organic growth, the team was eager to take their business to the next level. The client reached out to us to optimize and manage their PPC strategy, which they had been handling independently with moderate success. Our goal was clear: leverage our expertise to significantly amplify their online presence, drive more leads, and optimize the cost-effectiveness of each lead generated.

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The Solution

1. Striking Growth in Leads: We implemented a robust PPC strategy that delivered remarkable results. This surge in lead generation significantly expanded their customer base.


2. Cost Efficiency: Our strategic approach also aimed at optimizing the cost per lead. By fine-tuning the PPC campaigns, we achieved a significant reduction in the cost per good lead. This not only enhanced the financial efficiency of the advertising budget but also ensured that the generated leads were of high quality.

Why it

Despite facing the challenges of relocation and the need for rebuilding, our partnership with Champion Auto has exemplified the transformative power of a well-executed PPC strategy. By strategically selecting high-performing keywords and refining ad creatives, we ensured Champion Auto reached potential customers precisely when they needed automotive services. The success was further fueled by adept budget management, allowing us to optimize their online presence, elevate lead generation, and foster substantial business growth. In particular, the right mix of keywords, coupled with the removal of underperforming ones, played a pivotal role in achieving these favorable results.

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