Auto Repair PPC
(Google Ads) Management

Outperformance guaranteed within 90-days or your money back!

Why Partnering with the Right Auto Service PPC/Google Ads Agency is Critical for Your Business?

Many auto service businesses owners are already investing in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to drive car count and generate more sales, fast. As one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach (and convert) “ready to buy” customers, it’s a smart choice, particularly for tire & auto shops. Here’s why:

Of automotive web searches are services related

(Google/Critical Fixed Ops Study, U.S.)

100+ Million

Of U.S. web searches per month are about tires

(Google Internal Data Jan – Aug 2017 v. Jan – Aug 2016)

But, effective PPC campaigns require in-depth expertise in the automotive industry, search engine marketing, data analytics software, and key performance indicators. Since tire & auto businesses often have limited digital expertise in house, choosing the right PPC service partner is critical to your success. As a full-service auto & tire shop PPC agency, whose team has experience growing auto repair clients for 12+ years, we’re confident our custom strategies, tactics, and tools, will deliver results unlike you’ve ever seen. We Guarantee it!

Curious what your PPC investment is getting you and how our team can help you get so much more?

Start by finding out if your Google Ad Campaigns are actually set up for maximum success by taking our 100% free 3-minute quiz!

The Conceptual Minds Difference


12+ Years Combined Experience Specializing In Tire & Auto Shop Business Marketing


1,000,000+ Tested PPC Campaign Keywords Specific To Tire & Auto Service Consumers


100% Call Recording Of PPC Calls


Robust Testing & Weekly Campaign Optimization For Maximum ROI


Monthly Client Reports With Easy To Digest, Non-Technical Snapshot Of PPC Progress


Monthly Client Meetings To Review PPC Report & Recommended Next Steps

Our team is certified in:

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Gatto’s Tire & Auto Service
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Decrease in Cost per Lead

What Our Tire & Auto Clients Say

  • For us, PPC was our first go at digital marketing, and boy are we glad it was with Conceptual Minds. It’s clear from the start that they know tire & auto and how to deliver customers to your door. We were blown away at how fast the Google Ads they created turned into more cars in our bays.
    Omar Gutierrez, Owner
    The AutoMedic
  • John Daniels, Executive VP
    The level of PPC expertise PLUS tire marketing experience Taran and team bring isn’t something I’ve seen very often. After trying out Conceptual Minds and a few other providers, it wasn’t even close. With Conceptual Minds, I got the best possible service AND the results I wanted.
    John Daniels, Executive VP
    Daniels Tire Service
  • The thing about Conceptual Minds that impressed us the most is the amount of time, level of effort, responsiveness, and results didn’t just start out great, they just keep getting better. After seeing what this team can do with our PPC, we’re ready for more and are considering partnering with them for additional marketing support.
    Betsey Briggs, Owner
    ABS Unlimited Auto Repair

Not Sure How PPC Works?

This 100% free and easy to understand (zero marketing speak) “Search Engine Marketing Bible For Tire & Auto Service Businesses” eBook is a great place to start! 


Our Auto Repair PPC Management Pricing

At Conceptual Minds, our prices are based on our long-term experience and results driven for tire & auto shop clients. We ensure our clients can access the best possible results at an affordable price tailored to fit their budget. You can begin investing in highly attractive PPC marketing for as little as $750/month.

Our 90-Day PPC Performance Guarantee

We believe our team, services, process, and pricing make us one of (if not the) the top tire & auto service PPC agencies in the U.S. We’re so confident, we guarantee we’ll outperform your most recent Google Ad campaign (before you move to Conceptual Minds) within 90-days or we’ll give back your money — it’s that simple!

If we can’t improve your previous campaign within 90-days, then we don’t deserve your business. Call us crazy but we feel it’s the right thing to do.

To qualify, you must submit a written request prior to receiving any PPC Services from us. Next, we’ll conduct a free analysis of your current PPC campaign to determine whether we can meet your target goal. We’ll also establish a baseline to assess whether or not we beat your previous results (after your Conceptual Minds campaign runs for at least three months). After three months, if we don’t deliver results better than your original baseline number, we’ll refund your management fees.

Our Auto Repair PPC Management Process

Our team knows that building an effective PPC campaign is part strategy, part knowledge, and part art. Our process reflects that approach, but is also customized for every client, every time.

Step 1

Assess your current PPC campaign performance (if available) and learn about your company to identify PPC tactics and management best suited to advance your business goals

Step 2

Create strategy that allows us to develop highly performing campaigns, including a thorough keyword assessment, ad copy creation, landing page assessment and your input

Step 3

Create and execute campaigns based on the developed strategy and implement analytics tracking

Step 4

Perform ongoing campaign and call analysis to optimize campaigns for maximum results

Step 5

Produce reports and conduct regular client check-ins to discuss performance

Unleash Your Auto Repair PPC Potential

Auto Repair PPC Management FAQs

Q: How important is PPC investment in the overall marketing strategy?

A: Short answer – it’s very important, in fact, now more than ever before. After the first half of 2020 (think COVID-19), more consumers are turning to digital media to research where and who they’ll do business with, especially when it comes to tire & auto shops! Recent data from Wordstream confirms that online conversion rates for vehicle repair and maintenance are up by 44%, meaning auto service consumers are becoming more likely to convert online. For auto service businesses looking to get the best bang for the buck and to generate guaranteed results, PPC is a must.

Q: I’ve tried PPC before and it didn’t work for my tire & auto shop. Why should I re-consider it?

A: For our clients, 99% of the time, PPC campaigns are quite successful. It’s highly likely that PPC can work great for your shop too, but in the past, one or more other factors got in the way.
Lots of things can hold back a PPC campaign, like:


But don’t worry, before we ever sign an agreement or collect a dime, we always offer to audit your past PPC efforts for free, and tell you honestly if/how we can make PPC work for your shop.

Q: Why do I need an agency like Conceptual Minds at all to run my campaign?

A: Think of PPC like auto repair, it’s far more complicated than most people think, and every time Google updates its algorithm (which is often) that’s one more thing you/your staff will need to learn. Unless you’ve got a PPC pro on your team, mastering the many nuances of a winning PPC campaign will require a hefty cost and time investment and won’t happen in a day or two.

So, if you don’t have the expertise, extra time, or dollars to waste, we recommend leaving it to the Conceptual Minds experts. Even better, with our 90-day guarantee you can try our auto repair PPC pros out 100% risk free.

Q: Will Conceptual Minds help me determine Return on Investment (ROI) for my PPC campaign?

A: Yes, Absolutely! In fact, we pride ourselves on helping our clients get metrics that can help them understand their cost of lead generation down to a penny.

Q: How long will it take until I see leads once my auto repair PPC campaign is launched?

A: Most of our clients start seeing results immediately (i.e., you’re likely to generate new web and phone leads within days).

Q: How quickly can Conceptual Minds launch my auto repair PPC campaign(s)?

A: We can get your PPC campaign up and running in about 15-20 business days.

Q: I’m interested in auto repair PPC management, but not in a long-term contract. What kind of commitment does Conceptual Minds require?

A: Great question! We hate the idea of trapping clients in long-term commitments, so we simply don’t do it. It takes about 4-6 months to start to generate the full value of most PPC campaigns so that’s generally the term of our first agreement.

That being said, clients usually see great results and choose to continue their PPC campaigns for many years with us after the short contract is up!

Q: I’m a single shop operator, can my PPC campaigns really compete with larger multi-location brands?

A: We’re glad you asked! Actually, PPC may be your best bet when it comes to competing (and winning over customers) against the big automotive brands in your area. With PPC, it’s all about using the right keywords to target “ready to buy” auto service consumers in your local area. When done well, it’s highly effective for businesses of all sizes.

Q: Should I be buying my own brand name on PPC, why or why not?

A: Great question! We recommend it. Here’s why: search engines are common places where your current customers may try to search for your shop’s website. In many cases, competitors will try to buy the keyword for your company name and attempt to steal traffic and customers that may not be very loyal to your business just yet. That makes PPC a great and inexpensive strategy to buy your own business name on search engines like Google and protect your brand by making sure your customers find you quickly.

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