How So Cal's Longest-Running Tire & Auto Shop Set Itself Apart from a Crowded Market

Daniels Tire Service experienced over 50% car count growth from clear expertly-targeted direct mail campaigns.

Daniels Tire Service

Daniel’s Tire Service is southern California’s oldest and most trusted tire and auto repair shop. Founded in 1911, the family-owned business has gone through three Daniel’s generations, growing to 15 locations. Much of their impressive longevity can be attributed to their ability to form long-term customer relationships through reliably high-quality services and generous benefits. With the help of Conceptual Minds, and expertly-crafted postcard marketing campaigns, participating locations experienced huge leaps in car count, and Daniel’s Tire Service has now expanded postcard campaigns to most of their locations.

The Results

Stores that participated in the 6 month test enjoyed:

0 %

yearly car count growth

0 %

higher car count compared to two years prior

All this occurred despite average driving miles remaining 10-20 percent lower nationwide due to COVID-19

The Nuts and Bolts
The Challenge

Daniels’ Tire Service’s long-running success posed a challenge. Decades of operation left them worried that they’d tapped their market. Hoping to continue to expand their market share, they hired Conceptual Minds to test direct mail campaigns at several locations.

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The Solution

Conceptual Minds differentiated the business by pivoting the message away from price and towards quality, service—among other unique attributes. After a consumer test, we identified the best-performing offers, including attractive consumer benefits like pickup and dropoff shuttles, touch-free service, and 2-year/24-month warranty. We then launched a postcard marketing campaign at select locations in March 2021, which concluded in September.


Why it

It’s hard to overstate just how competitive the auto repair industry is. With a lot of local competition providing many of the same services, repair shops often wind up competing on price alone. While consumers benefit, it means slimmer margins and consumers who are trained to see price as the only differentiator.

Daniel’s Tire Service needed to differentiate itself from the competition. We focused their campaigns around a combination of their long-standing history, their stellar reputation and trending consumer benefits. This established credibility and distinguished Daniel’s Tire Service as both uniquely accommodating and trustworthy.

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