[Accountant Marketing] 7 Direct Mail Campaign Ideas for Retaining Customers

Does your direct mail marketing strategy need a refresh? We’ve got you covered.

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Conceptual Minds | August 30, 2023

[Accountant Marketing] 7 Direct Mail Campaign Ideas for Retaining Customers

While digital marketing attracts media attention, the timeless appeal of direct mail campaigns has been greatly underestimated. Direct mail remains a powerful tool to reach your audience; up to 90% of direct mail is opened, compared to 20-30% of emails.
In addition to its exceptional performance in customer generation, direct mail marketing is an equally powerful tool to engage, retain, and cross-sell current customers. 
In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using direct mail and provide creative campaign ideas tailored to accountant marketing that will appeal to both new and existing customers.

The Benefits of Using Direct Mail Marketing for Your Accounting Firm

Direct mail proves to be a valuable tool to spearhead marketing campaigns, help accountants highlight their unique value proposition, and generate leads. 
Here are the top benefits: 
  • Cost-Effective: Bulk mailing services such as The United States Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)program offer a convenient and cost-effective way to cast a broad local net. This enables you to target customers based on specific zip codes and demographic factors such as income.
  • Eye-Catching: A postcard or brochure with engaging visuals, concise content, and a clear call to action can capture recipients’ attention immediately, allowing you to stand out in the mailbox.  
  • Customizable: Direct mailers allow for personalization by addressing recipients by their names and tailoring the content to their specific needs. According to the Harris Poll, 63% of consumers said that personalization has become a standard expectation.

7 Direct Mail Campaign Ideas for CPAs and Accounting Firms

High-volume direct mail campaigns are a great way to engage and delight your clients, demonstrating value and keeping your firm top-of-mind between accounting needs.
Consider using the following seven direct mail campaign types to make an impact in your area.  

CPA Direct Mail Idea #1) The New Client Welcome Package

Make new clients feel special by sending them a personalized welcome package. Include a personalized letter, a branded notepad, or a helpful tax planning guide. 
This gesture will reemphasize your commitment to their financial success. Not only that, sending this message by way of direct mail helps inland with the warmth and thoughtfulness of a dear friend.

CPA Direct Mail Idea #2) Tax Season Prep Kits

Help clients gear up for tax season with a comprehensive preparation kit. Include a checklist of required documents, a tax calendar, and an informative brochure highlighting recent tax changes. 
Offering value before the busy tax season shows that you’re proactive and dedicated to making their lives easier.

CPA Direct Mail Idea #3) Financial Wellness Newsletters

Send your clients financial wellness newsletters containing valuable insights, tips, and trends in accounting and finance. 
Cover topics such as retirement planning, investment strategies, and tax-saving advice. These newsletters will show that you care about their long-term financial journey.

CPA Direct Mail Idea #4) Anniversary “Thank You” Cards

Celebrate the anniversary of your clients’ partnership with you by sending heartfelt thank you cards. 
Express your gratitude for their trust and loyalty over the years (and include a discount or referral offer to encourage more business).

CPA Direct Mail Idea #5). Exclusive Workshop Invitations

What is it that makes direct mail ads effective?

According to the 30/30/30 rule, it goes like this:
1/3 of success is derived from the targeting
1/3 of success is derived from imagery
1/3 success is derived by drive from the included offer
Evaluate your ads across these dimensions. Correct future ads if little thought has been put into one element.

CPA Direct Mail Idea #6) Personalized Tax Insights

Send out personalized tax insights based on each client’s financial situation. Highlight potential deductions, credits, or strategies tailored to their unique circumstances. 
This level of personalization showcases your expertise and dedication to maximizing their financial well-being.

CPA Direct Mail Idea #7) End-of-Year Recap and Goal Setting

In this auto repair advertising idea, we’re pushing an oft-ignored channel: TV and radio.
Mass market TV & radio are by far the most cost-effective methods of creating mass awareness of your company. 
Starting costs may be high–making the medium too costly for many single location shops–as you’ll have to run weekly spots for between six and twelve months. 
Still, If you’re a multi-location business and you want locals to know your name, there’s no better—or more cost-effective—medium.

Direct Mail for CPAs: Instill Trust and Loyalty for Repeat Business

In the hunt for the best possible marketing channel, many overlook the results that can be achieved by offsetting the weaknesses of one channel with the strengths of another. 
 For instance, neither TV nor SEO will bring quick results. So, if you’re still hoping to pursue those, you can offset the short-term loss with high-volume direct mail, reputation management, and Google Ads.

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