6 Tips For Supercharging Your Auto Repair Email List

Tips To Supercharge Auto Repair Shop Email Campaigns
It's vital to design emails that are visually appealing, purposeful, direct and worthwhile to your auto repair shop email list.

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The purpose for all auto repair email campaigns is to create content that produces results, right?

It is estimated that a viewer’s first impression of web content is formed in just 2.6 SECONDS.

Clearly it is vital to design emails that are visually appealing, purposeful, direct and worthwhile to your Auto repair shop email list. To achieve this goal, Conceptual Minds offers these tips of advice.

Tip #1: Segment Your Auto Repair Shop Email List

Based on your business industry, group your email subscribers and send them content that specifically applies to them.

Auto Repair Marketing Tip #2: Make your Campaigns Visually Stimulating

Proper images can be extremely effective in capturing your auto repair shop email list’s attention and sparking an interest.

Tip #3: Carefully Constructed Subject Lines for Your Auto Repair Shop Email List

This is the FIRST piece of content your auto repair shop email list will receive; make the subject line short, relevant and interesting. Subject lines with direct information, questions and/or numbers are most successful.

Auto Repair Marketing Tip #4: Don’t forget that Pre-Header!

Be sure to compliment your subject line with a strong preview header. This is the section that appears under the Subject Line before an email is opened and allows an extra opportunity to entice your readers to open the email. Adding personalization to this section is very beneficial.

Tip #5: Entice Your Auto Repair Shop Email List with an Offer

7/10 people use a coupon or discount they received from a marketing email. An Offer can be used as an incentive to encourage your auto repair shop email list to open your emails on a regular basis.

Auto Repair Marketing Tip #6: Give a Strong Call to Action

If you want your readers to “visit your website”, “make an appointment”, “learn more about something” etc. strongly state it with a variety of hyperlinks throughout the campaign to appeal to the differing habits of readers.

A successful email marketing campaign takes strategic planning and calculated tactical execution. With proper implementation, the rewards can be plentiful. We welcome you to view some of the results are clients have had by visiting:

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