6 Brilliant Tire & Auto Shop Marketing Tips to Boost Car Count in November

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As a tire and auto shop owner (or marketing manager,) you’re always looking for great marketing strategies and big ideas to help you boost your car count and grow your business. However, in addition to those well-developed, often complex marketing strategies, there are also some small changes and ideas worth considering. Every month, we’ll be sharing easy-to-implement marketing ideas for right now. Create a to-do list that includes these brilliant and quick tips for November and book more auto repair and service customers all month long.

1. Holiday Gift Card and Turkey Giveaways

One brilliant marketing tip for auto and repair shops throughout November is the gift card giveaway promotion. ‘Tis the season of giving, and your shop can host a series of month-long drawings to create more meaningful connections with the community and reach new car care customers. Winners get much-needed gift cards to area retailers in the spirit of holiday shopping or give away holiday hams and turkeys. It’s a great way to boost brand visibility and awareness all month long. Giveaways and drawings are also brilliant strategies for improving your brand reputation. And since customers prefer to do business with reputable companies that contribute to the community, you can get a lot of mileage out of a turkey giveaway promotion.


    1. Have your employees promote the drawings with shop customers, vendors, and visitors.
    2. Craft email campaigns to send to those customers and vendors, too, about your promotion.
    3. Promote your drawing with specific details about how to enter, how to win, and drawing deadlines on your social media pages and website.
    4. Get even more mileage from your holiday giveaways by promoting and showcasing your winners in the weeks following the actual drawing.
    5. Create a roster of potential prospects to market to in the future with submitting participants.


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2. Get in on the Black Friday Festivities

Thanksgiving might be the mainstream holiday in November, but Black Friday comes in as a close second. You can get in on the consumer shopping festivities by offering Black Friday deals or discounts. But think beyond the traditional sale and get creative. Instead, consider offering your auto shop as a festive shopping place of refuge for frazzled shoppers, for example. Invite people to stop in and grab a cocoa or cup of coffee between shopping malls. Offer to gift wrap for hustled shoppers and serve snacks. These types of “experience” promotions and offers don’t necessarily ask for direct auto repair business. But it can make a BIG impression on new-to-you customers who’ll remember you the next time they do need service.


    1. Share your Black Friday promotions or festivities on your auto shop’s website.
    2. Promote your deals and shop local experiences throughout your social media pages.
    3. Educate your staff to share your deals as a method of upselling existing customers.


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3. Host a Food Drive

Another promotion to consider running during November is a charitable food drive. With most people and families planning extravagant dinners, there are plenty in the community who might be struggling. Consider reaching out to your local pantry or shelter and get a list of needed supplies and food. Then, create an online promotion using your social media platforms, with outdoor signage, and via emails to your existing auto repair customers, establishing your shop as an official donation drop-off location. These types of campaigns resonate with your potential and existing customers as “good works,” which influences who they do business with later. You can be a valued member of the community as you give back to those who might otherwise go hungry this Thanksgiving.


    1. Check to coordinate with other food drives already happening and volunteer to be a designated drop-off.
    2. Connect with area hospitals to identify needy families or existing donation lists.
    3. Work with local school districts about needed supplies and local families in need.


4. Cyber Monday Coupons

In addition to any Black Friday deals you might be able to offer, consider offering Cyber Monday discounts to carry that promotional momentum into the next week. Cyber Monday shoppers will look for discounts online specifically. You can extend your Black Friday promotions to those potential customers who prefer to find their savings digitally. You can also use Cyber Monday promotions to capitalize on the online shopping frenzy and boost awareness of your brand and core services.


    1. Provide downloadable coupons for auto maintenance and routine services.
    2. Use promo codes to track online engagement with your November deals.
    3. Send emails to all your past customers with Cyber Monday savings to encourage them to book their service appointments.


Photo by Jose Ricardo Barraza Morachis: https://www.pexels.com/photo/red-car-engine-bay-4116220/ - auto repair shop; maintenance


5. Demonstrate Gratitude for Loyal Customers

The Thanksgiving season is a perfect opportunity for you to leverage loyalty programs and express gratitude for your community of loyal customers. Consider promoting exclusive offers for returning auto repair customers to show your appreciation for their continued business. And you can get creative with your offers, maybe including a car wash or detail with each full-service appointment, for example. Existing customer outreach is essential for building meaningful relationships with them over the long term. And what better time to say “thank you” than Thanksgiving!


    1. Send emails to past auto and tire customers, thanking them for their business and offering a special deal just for them should they book their service with you before the end of the month.
    2. Consider having your team write and send thank you cards with loyalty-related coupons enclosed to past customers.
    3. Use this time of year to collect testimonials and positive reviews from your loyal customers in conjunction with your appreciation efforts.


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6. Deck Your Auto Repair Shop with Boughs of Holly

Now’s the best time to transform your auto tire and repair shop into a winter wonderland. Of course, you don’t have to over-indulge. However, you can use the holidays to promote a friendly and welcoming customer experience with your auto shop. Show your customers and community that you’re gearing up for the holidays with festive lights outside and ornament-adorned trees inside. Create reels, stories, and social media videos of your staff getting in on the decorating festivities. Ask your online followers to give their feedback or decorating ideas. Or host a desk-decorating contest with your employees, asking your online audience to select a winner. Just involving your community and family of customers in your holiday decorating festivities inspires more meaningful connections and attracts new potential customers who want in on the fun. There are other benefits, too, including:


    1. Having fun with holiday décor can boost employee morale and company culture.
    2. Sharing the decorating fun on social media will engage new-to-you prospects.
    3. Showing a festive side of your auto shop will resonate with your community and bring a relatable personality to your brand.


Get inspired by these marketing ideas, and let Conceptual Minds be your guide for all your brilliant promotional initiatives! If you happen to be limited on time or resources, our creative team is well-known for coming up with fantastic ideas. AND we handle all the logistics, so you can focus on the daily operations while watching your car counts and revenues grow.

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