5 Auto Repair Marketing Ideas for February

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Some of the most genius marketing promotions have nothing to do with discounts, coupons, or special deals. In fact, the most impactful marketing campaigns are those that truly resonate with a target audience. Make February your month for big ideas and separate yourself from the tired and traditional sales promos. Instead, get to the heart of what matters most to your ideal customers. And tug a heartstring or two with seasonal promotions that align your tire and auto repair shop with their values.

Be different. Be unique. Be seen.

In February, these are the seasonally fun ways to do all of the above.

1. Rethink Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can inspire your next auto repair shop promotion. Consider a “love your car” campaign on social media. Imagine asking everyone who “loves their car” to share car-related selfies. Encourage followers to share names they give their cars and origin stories. Turn it into a contest with BIG Valentine’s Day gifts, too. For example, the car selfie with the most likes/comments gets a gift certificate for a romantic dinner for two or movie passes for a V-Day date night.

love your car

2. Engage Pet Owners for ‘Love Your Pet Day’

Forbes recently shared that 66% of everyone in the US has a pet. That’s 86.9 million households with a Fido or Felix in the home. Your auto repair shop can speak to the pet owners in the community with a brilliant campaign to celebrate Love Your Pet Day on February 20th. Offer pet-owning customers milk bones and catnip treats with every scheduled oil change. Inspire social media followers to share pics of their beloved fur friends in the car. And with each new engagement comes fresh opportunities to connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

3. Celebrate Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and your community might be launching initiatives to support a deeper understanding of Black History. As an auto repair shop, you can join in the efforts by partnering with other local businesses to honor the contributions of Black Americans. The Forbes Agency Council also suggests these authentic and respectful methods for incorporating Black support within your ad campaigns:

  • Partner with Black influencers.
  • Collaborate with Black-owned businesses.
  • Share powerful Black stories from your community.
  • Feature Black perspectives and voices in ad campaigns.

4. Get Involved in a Heart Health Awareness Campaign

February is also American Heart Month, presenting an opportunity to join in the health and wellness movement. Your tire and auto shop can promote heart health with awareness campaigns on social media. Consider partnering with local gyms to offer discounts or membership giveaways as part of a heart-healthy promotion. Get creative and tie your messaging into “taking care of your heart” and “taking care of your car,” demonstrating your auto repair expertise and your caring approach to customer health and wellness. Here are some other heart-healthy ideas for inspiration:

  • Wear red for American Heart Month campaigns.
  • Host a free blood pressure screening.
  • Share CDC-approved social posts and tweets.

Photo by Klaus Nielsen: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-person-showing-letterboard-with-world-cancer-day-inscription-6303671/ - world cancer day

5. World Cancer Day Is February 4th

World Cancer Day is officially February 4th. The National Cancer Institute says nearly two million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2023. As scientists race for innovative new treatments, your auto repair shop can do its part by promoting awareness, encouraging cancer screenings, and joining in local fundraising efforts. To differentiate your shop, it’s best to align your brand with other causes and initiatives that matter to your customers. Getting involved with a local “cancer” run or partnering to sponsor cancer awareness activities will boost shop awareness and inspire positive brand association among your local target customers.

Let Conceptual Minds Create Big Ideas for You

We’re always coaching our auto repair shop clients to explore new ways to differentiate themselves with brilliant promotions and non-coupon-driven campaigns. Every month, your tire and auto shop has an opportunity to step outside the norm and align your messaging with other (and often broader) initiatives that really resonate with your target audience. In February, speak to pet owners, reimagine Valentine’s Day, support Black History Month, or promote health awareness and connect with your community in a meaningful way. You’ll find customers will recognize your shop more as a pillar of the community and not just another auto repair shop.

Big ideas may not come easy to you. That’s why we’re here! Connect with our team of marketing coaches, and let’s start designing community-driven and differentiating campaigns for your tire and auto shop!

Learn About Conceptual Minds

As veterans of the automotive industry, the Conceptual Minds team are experts at growing car counts through effective and personable marketing. If you are unsure of your current marketing strategy and would like some guidance, contact us today.

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