4 Reasons Why Auto Shop Businesses Should Consider Pay-Per-Click Marketing in 2017

Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Auto Shop Businesses

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Happy New Year, cheers to new beginnings! In early January, many business owners sit down to reevaluate their marketing plans. Now is the time to reflect on what worked last year and what didn’t. Do you need guidance on where to invest your marketing efforts in 2017?

Conceptual Minds, a marketing agency that specializes in tire and auto industry, offers this advice: NOW is the time to invest in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. PPC is an effective way to drive more traffic, leads and orders to your website. Did you know that the top three paid ad spots on a Google search results page get 41% of the clicks on the page? *
And if that statistic isn’t convincing enough, here are 4 more reasons to try PPC in 2017:

1) Predictability

SEO and blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website and capture leads, but ultimately the results of those efforts are out of your control. Due to ongoing search engine updates, your organic search engine traffic could change drastically at anytime. You could get outranked for some major keywords or get hit with a Google penalty.
With PPC, your website traffic is directly associated with how much you spend on your PPC campaigns. Once you have a profitable, successful campaign, you have a business asset because it will deliver consistently.

2) Fast and direct results

PPC is probably the fastest way to run a marketing campaign and get immediate results. When running a PPC campaign, you can choose where and when your ads will appear based on a number of factors including keywords, location, device type, time, date and much more.
Pay-Per-Click ads are effective at jump starting and regulating traffic volumes when an auto shop wants to highlight a service, drive instant traffic to a new website, create business during a slow period or when marketing a limited time promotion.

3) Budget Friendly

With PPC, you get exactly what you pay for. With other forms of advertising – print, radio, TV, direct mail – you get a wide reach but risk having no one actually visit your website or call you. With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. When creating a campaign, you can choose how much to pay for a click and how much money to spend for an ad or campaign. PPC data is much easier to measure so you can easily analyze if what you are spending is creating a profit or a loss and make changes accordingly. You can start and stop running ads whenever you want. Also, compared to print, radio, TV, direct mail and other forms of advertising, you can start with a much smaller budget!

4) Effective Local Search

Mobile searches are becoming increasingly popular, and one-third of all mobile searches on Google are related to location. When a potential customer is in your area and searching for services you offer, PPC ads guarantee your auto shop will be seen in the local search results. Recent statistics show that 75% of people are more likely to visit a store if they find it in search results.

Having said all this, developing high performing pay-per-click campaigns can be very nuanced and complicated. Subtle changes can lead to significant variation in results so you only want to work with organizations that not only have strong experience in the auto industry but also those who can show a track record of success for their previous clients.

Conceptual Minds team members have over 10 years of experience running PPC campaigns for tire & auto service businesses. Our team also has a strong understanding of how many different ways buyers shop for tires and other auto services. We also have a strong track record of success and data to prove it! Click here for our recent performance comparison case study. So, if you are ready to invest in Google advertising in 2017, or you’re curious about improving the performance of your current PPC campaigns, contact us. We are happy to also provide a FREE evaluation of your current PPC performance.
You can call us at 877-524-7696 or by visiting https://conceptualminds.com/ppc-management.

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