4 Marketing Strategies to Increase Customers to Your Auto Shop

Marketing Strategies To Increase Customers To Your Auto Shop

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Bringing in more customers to your auto shop is no easy task, but there are plenty of strategies you can use to tackle this problem head on. There are several types of marketing strategies you can use either together or separately to increase customers to your auto shop, including paid search ads to find new customers or reactivating previous customers with an email campaign.

  • Paid Search Finding new customers may seem impossible, but with the right campaigns you can find customers at the exact moment when they need your services the most. Paid search campaigns are the easiest way to target and reach customers in their moment of need. A paid search campaign allows you to bid on key phrases that are relevant to your business and show your phone number, your address, or even an offer the user can redeem when they come in. You can also send these users to a landing page that has a contact form so you can collect all of their information before they come in for service.
  • Social Media Another channel you can use to mine for customers whom are in need of an auto body shop, such as yours, is through social media. People often take to social media to ask for referrals, especially for local businesses. Social media channels, especially Twitter, allow you to set up customer mining campaigns that target people in your area who are posting or tweeting about needing a car repair for brakes or tires. By investing in a social monitoring tool, or partnering with an agency already equipped with a monitoring platform, you can scout your social channels for “buying signals” that will alert you to potential customers so that you can reach out and let them know you are a great auto repair solution.
  • Awareness Campaigns While using campaigns that directly target users who are in need of your services are effective in the short-term, awareness campaigns that cast a broader net such as direct mail, have great advantages, too. Awareness campaigns help you not only capture the attention of people who might need your services now, but also keep your business top of mind when potential customers are in need of your services in the future. Awareness campaigns can feature several different pieces of collateral, including a direct mail piece, signage, or giveaways at a local event.
  • Email Marketing The three strategies above focus on finding new customers, however, sometimes your most successful campaigns involve targeting past customers. Email marketing campaigns are an easy way to reactivate previous customers with personalized messages and deals. For instance, sending your past customers an email every 90 days to remind them to flush and re-fill their key fluids, or every 12 months to remind them to rotate their tires, could be a great way to get old faces back in the door. Email campaigns are easy to set up and just require you to collect your customers’ email addresses either at checkout or when they schedule an appointment online.

While all of these strategies can help drive more customers into your auto body repair shop, the most effective marketing mix will be unique to your business. Each auto body shop is different based on a number of factors so it is best to test several different strategies until you find what works best for you.

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