3 Winning PPC Advertising Tips For Auto Repair Shops During Coronavirus (covid-19) Scare


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3 Winning PPC Advertising Tips For Auto Repair Shops During Coronavirus (covid-19) Scare

The US economy is in an unchartered territory due the rapidly changing situation with coronavirus (Covid-19). Growing portions of  the US (ex: California, New York, Illinois, etc.) are completely shutting down. Previously unknown terms like “social distancing” are trending all of a sudden and worldwide anxiety is continuing to grow at an unprecedented pace.

As the robust economic life in the United States comes to a screeching halt, there’s a silver lining for some industries such as auto service. On March 19, the Federal government labeled auto service as an “essential” industry, which means that government officials consider it of significant importance to the fabric of life in the US.

However, with all the noise around coronavirus, it will be up to each individual business within the auto service industry to make their prospective and current customers aware that they are staying operational during the pandemic.

We are recommending 3 tactics that auto shop operators should implement immediately if they are currently investing in Pay per click marketing:


Tip 1: Take advantage of call-out extensions

These extensions allow a business to highlight, or call out, specific information about the business. It’s perfect for showcasing competitive advantage(s). These extensions are useful and effective for PPC campaigns in general, however, given the current uncertain climate, it could be a terrific way to tell shoppers that you are “Still Open”.

Key: It is important to note that Call out extensions have a maximum character limit of 25. However, it’s ideal to keep them at about 15 characters as that length is generally considered eye-catchy!


Tip 2: Consider launching an attractive offer

Besides the uncertainty of what’s currently open, consumers are also uncertain and anxious about their current employment status. Many people are concerned about the looming recession and they have begun cutting spend in many areas. Given this current climate, your shop may want to consider offering a strong offer that may set you apart from your competition and may just make your business more appealing. At Conceptual Minds, we do recommend that you use these types of offers sparingly, since you don’t want to train your prospects and current customers to only use your business when these types of offers are active!


Tip 3: Consider implementing day parting

Day-parting is a methodology of limiting your investment to days of the week and times of the day that produce the best PPC results. This strategy is best for businesses that have been running their PPC campaigns for some period of time and have been tracking call volume and online conversions effectively. A deep dive into your data should give you a pretty good picture of the most successful times.

Key: This strategy is best for auto repair shops that are not going for maximum impression share because of their strategy or because of budget limitations.


We know that these are scary times. If you are considering reducing your PPC budgets, we would generally advise against it. PPC is demand driven so if there’s a natural decline in demand, your PPC spend will automatically decline.

Also, given that automotive repair has been labeled as ‘essential’ by the Federal government during this crisis, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to serve a consumer that’s looking for your assistance.

Of course, if you are finding that your current provider is not offering this level of strategic guidance and you are seeking a proactive and capable PPC partner, then send us a note to discuss your campaign. Our team can be reached at sales@conceptualminds.com

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