3 Things To Do Before Launching Your Automotive Yelp Ads Campaign (And 1 Thing To Know)

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3 Things To Do Before Launching Your Automotive Yelp Ads Campaign (And 1 Thing To Know)

Like any other kind of marketing, there’s some homework to do ahead of clicking “Start Advertising” on the Yelp ads button for your business.

We’ll walk you through 3 things to do and 1 thing to be aware of ahead of launching advertisements on Yelp.

3 Things To Do3 Things You Must Do Before Starting A Yelp Ads Campaign

1. Choose The Right Type of Yelp Ad Delivery Strategy

Based on our lengthy experience running Yelp ads for auto shops, we strongly recommend that you choose to run ads in Yelp’s cost-per-click (CPC) format. Most ads accounts will default to this when setting up an ads campaign, but we like to educate businesses about this in case the opportunity to switch to impression-based ads pops up.

While impression-based ads are available in some markets (although Yelp is slowly phasing them out), with CPC format you’re only spending money on Yelpers who definitely have an interest in purchasing your product or service (not just those who happened to see you in search but aren’t interested in you).

Impression-based ads are more about creating awareness for your business. When it comes to creating awareness –frankly, there are better AND cheaper ways to do this.

2. Optimize and Enhance Your Profile For Search

You can get all the clicks in your market from people needing tires, but if your profile art makes you look like the lesser quality of an operation than you are, or if your phone number or address is not accurate, you might lose a few of those possible customers who landed on your page.

Also, as a course of business, Yelp shows your competition when you opt for a free/unenhanced profile. So, even if you convince users to click on your ad and learn more about your business, it is possible that they may get distracted by a competitor on your profile and leave!

Some game-changing profile optimization and enhancements that increase your chances of making customers out of Yelp users and bring other big benefits:

  • Appear higher in Google organic search (optimization) through keywords and accurate business info listings.
    • Yelp appears at top spots in Google’s organic search results. Because Yelp has such a strong presence on Google, you want to set up your profile in a way that Google chooses it for search results when people look for your specific services in their geographic area. This is where keywords on your profile are paramount
  • Better convert prospects that land on your Yelp page, whether through organic search or through paid Yelp ads.
  • Keep competitors from stealing the prospects that come to your Yelp profile through everyday, organic Yelp traffic.

Bottom line – your profile needs to look as amazing as possible on Yelp. Attention to details matter and your Yelp profile needs to be set up in a way that you don’t lose users to your competition.

Do this through optimizing (improving) and enhancing (or, paying to have ultimate control over) your profile.

Enhancements are included in the upgrade package on your Yelp ads setup, but optimizations have to be made by you or a professional who understands how to use profile keywords.


3 Things To Do3. Do Your Homework and Market Research

As part of creating a smart Yelp ads campaign, it is important that you consider the following: (You need a Yelp account manager to access this info, but we’ll run through why it’s important.)

A) Yelp Search Volume: The monthly number of searches that Yelp users conduct for a specific product or service in a specific geography (e.g. oil change searches in Arlington, VA)
B) Average Cost/Click: The likely cost-per-click for an ad

The search volume confirms how much demand exists on Yelp for your product and/or service in a given month. This, along with average cost-per-click for your market, will help shape the recommended budget and calculate the possible number of leads a campaign could generate.

For example: If there are 10,000 searches for oil changes in Arlington, VA each month, and the likely cost-per-click of an ad for that service in that market is $3.00, then a business owner can hypothetically spend up to $30,000 each month to serve ads and buy ALL of the oil change clicks on Yelp in Arlington, VA.

Now, remember, the number of impressions doesn’t equal unique users / individual people. In fact, each user can generate multiple impressions for your ads during their search. So, buying ALL of the impressions in any market is probably not a great idea, but buying a good percentage of them makes perfect sense (you get the idea).

That’s why we wouldn’t recommend starting off with such a hefty budget. In fact, we would recommend starting at the lower end. At the same time, we recommend spending enough money to generate at least a couple of hundred clicks so you have enough hits to your profile to accurately evaluate results.

In the world of mathematics, this is known as statistically significant data (but let’s leave that for another day).

It is important to note that there are some areas across the United States where Yelp is not widely used by consumers. So, for example, if the total impressions for oil changes in a specific geographic area are only 200 per month, we’d suggest opting out of Yelp advertising; the chance of your business enjoying a profit from that marketing is relatively slim.

1 Thing To Know: How to take your Yelp ads campaign to the next level

If you’d like to learn more about trying Yelp ads through Conceptual Minds, drop us a line below. We’re proud of the work we’ve done in helping clients navigate Yelp and are looking forward to helping you as a Yelp advertiser.

What you get when you have Conceptual Minds in your corner:

  • 10+ years of automotive marketing experience
  • Expert advice from a team that’s highly trained on Yelp platform for most effective performance
  • In-depth monthly reporting and insights to help determine return-on-investment
  • $99 SEO Profile Optimization that helps rocket your profile to the top of Google local search



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