25 June-Based Branded Promotions for Auto Repair Marketing

We've helped a number of clients make huge car count gains through seasonal and yearly promotional events like these.

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Conceptual Minds | May 10, 2024

25 Auto Repair Marketing Ideas for Branded April Promotions 

June is a reliably strong month for auto repair shops, with drivers leaving home and venturing into the rain and intense heat.
As such, it’s the perfect time to launch branded promotions to draw more locals to your shop. 
Running an auto shop is tireless work and doesn’t leave much time for creative brainstorming. If you’re short on ideas for branded promotions during June, the auto repair marketing coaches at Conceptual Minds have you covered. 

Camping Month & Great Outdoors Month

Photo by Vlad Bagacian
As the first month of summer and the beginning of summer break, June is when the great outdoors beckons us out of hibernation.
While auto repair isn’t as central to such activities as sports drinks and active gear, your services still play a vital role: enabling everyday people to explore, relax and rejuvenate in the great outdoors.
Auto Repair Marketing: Branded Promotions
  1. Offer a combined Father’s Day/Great Outdoors Month camping trip contest; get families to nominate dads for a kitted-out glamping trip
  2. Run discounts on all terrain, mud, and LT tires
  3. Partner with outdoor gear providers for cross-promotions; (4) sponsor group outings, (5) offer discounted oil changes for those spending $100 or more on camping gear and all-terrain tires provided with a camping gear discount

Pride Month

Photo by Rosemary Ketchum
Pride is more prevalent and essential than ever before. 
With LGBT rights in question in many states, community celebrations show you care about the well-being of your neighbors. While some areas are more comfortable with pro-LGBT displays, no place on earth doesn’t have people deeply invested in the future and safety of LGBT people.
Auto Repair Marketing: Branded Promotions
6.  Write a blog, social media post, or local op-ed highlighting and uplifting notable LGBT individuals in the automotive industry
7.  Donate to an LGBT nonprofit organization
8.  Pledge to create LGBT-specific company policies (but see it through!)

National Donut Day (June 7)

Photo by Lisa Fotios
Sugar has its detractors, but sweets are a universal language. National Donut Day is a great excuse to tempt food-motivated customers into your circle.
Auto Repair Marketing: Branded Promotions
9.  Advertise free coffee and donuts on exterior signs
10.  Cross-promote with a local coffee and donut shop; every two dozen donuts, get 25% off an oil change

Flag Day (June 14)

Photo by Gregory Wolf
The US Constitutional Congress approved America’s national flag design on June 14, 1977. Still, it wasn’t until 1916 that US President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the date of ‘flag day (later officialized by Congress in 1914). 
Even though it’s not a national holiday, Flag Day has a long and storied history of patriotic celebration. Auto shops looking to make a name for themselves can leverage the holiday as a unifying community-oriented celebration. 
Auto Repair Marketing: Branded Promotions
11.  Offer discounts on repairs for customers driving a US-produced car
12.  Run a scoreboard on your exterior sign that tallies the number of foreign vs. domestic cars. Advertise that if domestic cars overtake foreign vehicles, you’ll run a discount on domestic cars
Flag Flying Tips
You don’t want to be caught disrespecting the flag on its birthday. If it’s been a while since you’ve brushed up on flag handling procedure, stick to the following steps.
    • The flag is ordinarily flown from sunrise to sunset (it shouldn’t be flown at night without a light illuminating it)
    • Raise the flag swiftly in the morning, and lower it slowly in the evening
    • Don’t fly the flag in rain or otherwise bad weather.
    • The flag is flown at half-staff for 30 days following a tragedy or death—sign up here to get email notifications for such occasions
    • The American flag is always flown at the pole’s top (state and local flags are flown below)
    • Fold your flag when storing it
    • Once it’s reached the end of its lifespan, burn or bury it; never throw it in the trash
    • Don’t let the flag touch the ground (You’re not required to destroy it in this case, though)

Men's Health Week (June 10 to 16)

Photo by RDNE Stock project

Celebrated during the week ending on Father’s Day, men’s health week is about encouraging the health and wellness of boys and men in America. 

Since masculinity is still associated with the mechanical arts, auto shops can act as trusted role models, gently reminding us there’s no weakness in caring for one’s body. 
Auto Repair Marketing: Branded Promotions

13. Sponsor local sports teams and elderly activities

14. Offer discounts for men with proof of getting a recent doctor’s checkup

15. Share a new health tip every day on exterior signs and social media

Father's Day (June 16)

This equally large celebration has a special connection to auto repair, owing to the industry’s traditionally masculine association. 
With car repair being once considered a traditional domain for men, auto shops can leverage the public’s fondness for their father figures and the knowledge they pass down. 
Auto Repair Marketing: Branded Promotions
16.  Run a Father’s Day-branded educational car clinic covering basic repairs and maintenance 
17.  Package and discount popular performance upgrades and repair services for Father’s Day
18.  Solicit entries for a photo contest of dads and their rides
19.  Promote and sell oil change gift certificates
20.  Run discounts on “dad-approved” car gadgets (jump starter pick, radar detectors, tire pressure monitoring systems)

Juneteenth (June 19)

USAG- Humphreys
Juneteenth is an annual celebration commemorating the date when many of the last remaining enslaved people in Texas—more than 250,000—were freed by executive decree. More than 2,000 Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas, on June 19. 1865, announcing the end of slavery. 
First officially celebrated in 2021, the longest-running African American holiday is now our newest federal holiday.
Given the gravity and recency of the celebration, Juneteenth shouldn’t be treated as a promotional holiday. Instead, it’s a serious celebration of progress and recognition of continued efforts toward civil rights. 
Auto Repair Marketing: Branded Promotions
21.  Donate to local groups promoting black history and political representation
22.  Share articles and discussions on the holiday’s history on social media

Summer Solstice/First Day of Summer (June 20)

The first day of Summer may not be society’s most officialized celebration, but the changing of the seasons profoundly affects our moods and lives.  
Summer is when school’s over; it’s when the outdoors becomes a play place. If it’s a big deal for your customers, it’s a big deal for your brand.
Auto Repair Marketing: Branded Promotions
23. Create a contest for season-long passes to pools, amusement parks, and other aquatic entertainment centers
24.  Include a free chilled water bottle in each customer’s cupholder
25.  Offer discounts on A/C repairs

Don't Want to Be "Just Another" Local Mechanic? 

Changing your shop’s image might feel like a tall order. In truth, changes in perception take time and repeated exposure to take effect. However, once your efforts bear fruit, you’ll begin to see what it means to be in a category above and beyond your transactional competitors.

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