24 Auto Repair Marketing Ideas for Branded April Promotions

We've helped a number of clients make huge car count gains through seasonal and yearly promotional events like these.

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Conceptual Minds | March 29, 2024

24 Auto Repair Marketing Ideas for Branded April Promotions 

Spring has (just about) sprung.
Soon those of us braving the freezing cold will get our break. We’ll glance out the window at snow-free lawns; the sight of vibrant sunshine will motivate us to chase all the joy the great outdoors can bring.
Most auto repair shop owners look forward to Spring for the end of the winter sales slump. But for those hoping to grow beyond the usual seasonal trends, Spring’s ability to get locals out of their house is an enormous opportunity to project a more human—and profitable—image.
That’s why the auto repair marketing coaches at Conceptual Minds have compiled this list of 24 promotional ideas for April.

Baseball Season Promotions for Auto Shops (April)

With the MLB’s opening day set to begin March 28th, the baseball season will be underway in April.
America’s pastime is a celebrated occasion for community gatherings and has a large dedicated fanbase. It’s also a foundational childhood experience for your customer’s kids. Demonstrating your support and interest show you care about what moves your customers. 
Baseball Promotions for Auto Repair Shops
  1. Get involved at the start of the season by sponsoring a youth team
  2. Smaller communities still go hard for minor league teams; consider them if there’s no nearby national presence
  3. Sponsor adult intermural baseball teams 
  4. Offer gameday specials for at-home games
  5. Create a contest to giveaway free tickets to opening games at nearby stadiums

World Health Day Promotions for Auto Repair Shops (April 7)

Photo by Alberto Bigoni on Unsplash
World Health Day was started as a way of recognizing global health concerns. The date marks the founding of the World Health Organization in 1948; each year’s celebration focuses on a different issue or aspect of health.
This year’s date celebrates the nurses, midwives, and other on-call medical professionals for revolutionizing healthcare. As the resident car doctor, you’re perfectly positioned to promote the tireless work of our healers.
World Health Day Promotions for Auto Repair Shops
  1. Start raising funds for donations to a local hospital or children’s hospital
  2. Targeted outreach; send flowers, chocolates, or any other sign of appreciation to local healthcare workers
  3. Promote a discount for local nurses, midwives, and other healthcare professionals (Ask to see their hospital ID or lanyard for proof)

Beer Day Auto Repair Promotions (April 7)

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash
National Beer Day first took place in 1933, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, repealing the era’s effective ban on beer. 
On signing it, Roosevelt famously said, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” The population apparently agreed, flooding breweries and creating a longstanding American tradition.
However, drinking and driving don’t mix, making this holiday extra crucial in suburban and rural areas where driving is necessary. 
Beer Day Promotions for Auto Repair Shops
  1. Advertise concierge service on Brew Year’s Eve — collaborate with local breweries and bars to offer a pickup service for patrons looking for repairs (Sponsor their ride home, too)
  2. Sponsor an anti-drunk driving public service announcement, and/or use outdoor signage to encourage safe driving

Easter Weekend Auto Repair Promotions (March 31-April 1)

Easter might not be the most inclusive cause for celebration as a Christian holiday. Still, it is widely celebrated in the states and has become an institution. 
It’s also the most significant holiday in the notoriously slim spring season. Don’t let it pass you by.
Easter Promotions for Auto Repair Shops
  1. Launch a contest to send a family on a trip to a local or regional entertainment center
  2. Collaborate with neighboring businesses to run your very own easter egg hunt
  3. Promote Easter weekend sales on essential repair services
  4. Pledge to donate to local charities, food banks, shelters, and community education

National Hug Your Dog Day Auto Repair Promotions (April 10) 

Dogs aren’t just our four-legged best friends—they’re increasingly part of public life. 
Where once they were confined to our homes, today, we have dog-friendly restaurants and cafés, housing complexes, and workplaces.
Animal behaviorist and author Ami Moore started National Hug Your Dog Day holiday—initially called “hug your hound day”—to help us appreciate dogs (and all other pets) in our lives by loving them, as well as rescuing other furry friends in need. 
You may not be a dog person yourself, but a wide swath of your and potential customers are.
National Hug Your Dog Day Promotions for Auto Repair Shops
  1. Help local shelters by advertising adoptable local animals; in your shop, on signage, on your website, and social media
  2. Announce a change to your pet policy to pull more pet owners into your waiting room
  3. Help spread awareness of local shelters and their specific needs; offer discounts to customers who donate or promise to match their funds

Tax Day Auto Repair Promotions (April 15)

Tax day is every American’s favorite time of year. This April 15, make your brand a welcome respite from the stresses and pressures of completing taxes, tax forms, and making payments.
Tax Day Promotions for Auto Repair Shops
  1. Announce a tax day sale on core repairs
  2. Give drivers discounts upon showing proof of their tax filing

Earth Day Auto Repair Promotions (April 22)

The first earth day was held on the same day in 1970. 
Despite the holiday being old enough to have grandkids, today’s climate change complications make it more relevant than ever.
For auto repair shops, earthly is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to being part of the solution, either locally or nationally. This year’s earth day will focus on climate change effects and prevention like last year’s.
Earth Day Promotions for Auto Repair Shops
  1. Support local earth day events happening in your neck of the woods
  2. Pledge your time, and the time of any willing staff, to volunteer and participate in any local volunteer community projects like garbage pickup
  3. Start a pledge drive to encourage customers to donate their time to Earth Day projects

Arbor Day Auto Repair Promotions (April 26 — Local Celebrations Vary)

A quick primer: Earth Day is focused on the environment’s health, whereas Arbor Day celebrates trees with plantings, care and upkeep, and preservation efforts.
Note that while the national day of celebration always falls on the third Friday of April, the dates of planting activities vary to take advantage of ideal growing conditions in each area. 
Participate in this celebration to demonstrate your concern for the well-being of your local environment. 
Arbor Day Promotions for Auto Repair Shops
  1. Hold an Arbor Day donation drive to help plant the most number of trees possible in your neck of the woods
  2. Talk up your green practices; recycling tires and oil, and any other sustainable practices you hold yourself to

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Changing your shop’s image might feel like a tall order. In truth, changes in perception take time and repeated exposure to take effect. However, once your efforts bear fruit, you’ll begin to see what it means to be in a category above and beyond your transactional competitors.

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