14 Genius Auto Repair Shop Promotional Ideas for August

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When it comes to brilliantly crafting marketing campaigns and promotions to attract more auto repair shop customers, finding unique and effective ideas can be a challenge. Thankfully, at Conceptual Minds, creativity is our specialty. We’ve put together a list of 14 innovative and summer-fun August promotions to help your car counts soar and keep your shop buzzing with activity all month long!

Get inspired and start separating your auto repair shop from all the others in town!


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1. Back-to-School Car Check Specials

Offer discounted rates on essential maintenance services for families and teachers preparing for the school year. Promote a “Back-to-School Safety Check” package that includes brake inspections, tire checks, and oil changes. Teachers who often spend their own money to outfit their classrooms would likely appreciate a promotion dedicated to them. And focus on being a trusted partner for those families who have teen drivers hitting the road.


2. Summer Road Trip Recovery Deals

Provide special deals on services that cars might need after summer road trips, such as tire rotations, alignment, and A/C checks. Create a promotion for a free car wash with any post-road trip maintenance service. Appeal to those who vacation and travel by being the go-to auto repair service to keep their vehicles in peak operational condition.


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3. End-of-Summer Customer Appreciation Day

Host a local customer appreciation event with free car inspections, refreshments, and small giveaways. Partner with local food trucks or vendors to create a festive atmosphere. As summer prepares to wind down, your auto repair shop can capitalize on the changing season, keeping your brand and services top of mind with customer appreciation promotions.


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4. August Heat AC Tune-Up Promotions

Run a campaign offering discounts on air conditioning tune-ups and repairs. Emphasize the importance of a properly functioning AC during the hot August weather. And use this as an opportunity to position yourself as a helpful, local resource for car care during the hottest month.


5. National Watermelon Day (Aug 3rd)

Host a watermelon eating contest with your staff for sweet summer fun promoting! Get all the pics and videos to commemorate National Watermelon Month and do some team building with your staff. And if an eating contest isn’t an option, check out some of these watermelon-based activities and contests held every year at the largest watermelon celebration in the country, the Hope Watermelon Festival in Arkansas.


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6. Book Lovers Day (Aug 9th)

Consider hosting a book donation drive to collect literary works for the local library. Partner with local school districts to sponsor a summer reading program. Maybe offer a free audiobook subscription to new and existing customers. Or you can host a book signing with a local author right at your shop.


7. International Cat Day (Aug 6th) or National Dog Day (Aug 26th)

Tie either of these holidays into a month-long promotion where you raise money for a local animal shelter. Or maybe host a pet adoption event at your auto repair shop, inviting the public to come meet the fur friends who need homes. And if you’re looking to boost interactions online, ask participants to share pics of their own pets on your social media pages to commemorate Felix and Fido.


8. National Relaxation Day (Aug 15th)

Partner with a local furniture store to host a new recliner giveaway or drawing in celebration of National Relaxation Day. Look for ways to promote your auto repair services as the “easy” and “relaxed” solution to car care. Ways to make service easier for customers might include extended hours for the month, free car detailing with new tires, or pickup services.


celebrate ice cream sandwich


9. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (Aug 2nd)

Offer up a cool, sweet treat to customers to promote and celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Consider giving away ice cream sandwiches, tie it to a charitable cause with matching donation for every sandwich given, or host an ice cream sandwich challenge with a timed race, publicity, and prizes!


10. National Root Beer Float Day (Aug 5th)

Consider getting some serious social media mileage out of National Root Beer Float Day when you set up a root beer float assembly station at your shop! Invite staff and customers to step up and build their own as part of an interactive activity. Take lots of pics to share online and show everyone how much fun your team has!


11. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (Aug 4th)

Partner with a local bakery for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Hand out cookies to customers and offer a special your bakery partner can offer for your shop. Brand collaboration can always be a great megaphone, building trust within your community and reaching new customers you might not otherwise reach with traditional advertising.


paris olympics 2024


12. Summer Olympics Promotions

The official closing Ceremony of the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics is being held in August. Athletes from around the world have been “Going for the Gold” since late July.  Create an Olympic trivia contest on your social media, offer gold, silver, and bronze auto service discounts for the month, or collaborate with other businesses to sponsor watch parties.


13. Tie in a Promotion with the Annual Perseid Meteor Shower

The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower can light up the night sky in August. The peak viewing has been announced as August 12th-13th. However, you can get more mileage out of month-long promotions since you can still see them for a couple of weeks before and after this date. Host a virtual viewing party or launch a social media contest for local participants to share their best shots of the event.


Photo by Dominika Roseclay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-dachshund-in-a-car-4084032/ -- dog in the car

14. ‘Dogust’ 1st Is Officially the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

Because shelter dogs often have unknown birthdays, August 1st has been tapped as the official Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs. Use this opportunity to raise awareness in your community about shelter dogs by donating, hosting a fundraiser, or inviting staff and pups to your auto repair shop for an adoption event.


Let Conceptual Minds Help You Develop All Your Auto Repair Shop Promotions

Don’t just survive the summer—make it sizzle with these creative promotional marketing ideas! Step outside the usual strategies and discover innovative ways to set your auto repair shop apart, creating a stronger connection with your target customers. Seasonal promotions like these can significantly boost your bottom line.

Coming up with game-changing and effective promotions for auto repair shops is what we do best! If you need inspiration and a little help creating new ways to stand out from the crowded auto repair space, contact our genius promotional team at Conceptual Minds!

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As veterans of the automotive industry, the Conceptual Minds team are experts at growing car counts through effective and personable marketing. If you are unsure of your current marketing strategy and would like some guidance, contact us today.

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