10 Seasonal Auto Repair Shop Marketing Ideas to Launch in May

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Spring has sprung – so what big marketing promotions do you have planned? Not sure? We can help!

Our Marketing Coaches are always coming up with incredible advertising campaigns and promotions to help auto repair shops like yours bring in more customers. Here are just a few nuggets of inspiration so you can make May a blockbuster month for community engagement and car counts!

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Obscure May Holidays You Can Have Fun with at Your Auto Shop

Want to really think outside the box? Capitalize on some of the more obscure and fun holidays in May to create your own reason to celebrate.

  1. May Is National Barbeque Month: Host a barbeque at your auto repair shop with lunch giveaways for visitors and passersby! Trust us, customers will smell that grill and come in droves. And after having visited your shop once, they’ll be more comfortable coming back for repairs.
  2. May Is National Photography Month: Drive online engagement with a social media campaign to celebrate. Ask participants to share selfies with their beloved cars and nicknames they’ve given their sweet rides. Get your employees to participate and kick things off too as a fun team-building exercise online.
  3. May Is Gifts from the Garden Month: Collaborate with any community gardens, farmers’ markets, or produce stands to celebrate Garden Month. Sponsor some produce drawings or giveaways to associate your auto repair shop with the community.

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Creative Promotions to Stand Out in May

Our Marketing Coaches are always coming up with genius promotions for tire and auto shop clients. Here are a few to inspire promotions you can run this month to set yourself apart from the competition and boost car counts.

  1. May 2nd Is Brothers and Sisters Day: Consider running a promotion for siblings who bring their cars in for service!
  2. May 4th Is National Fitness Day: Collaborate with a local gym to sponsor new memberships as a promotion to encourage health and fitness.
  3. May 5th Is Cinco de Mayo: Host a drawing for a Mexican dinner giveaway in partnership with a local restaurant.
  4. May 15th Is National Chocolate Chip Day: Prepare chocolate chip cookies to send home with your customers and be sure to share the sweet-treat festivities on your social media pages.

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Connect with a Cause

It’s always a good idea to find ways to associate your auto repair shop with local charities, area causes, and the community. Show your support and connect with a cause this month. Reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce for a calendar of events you might sponsor or consider some of these May-specific promotions:

  1. Emergency Medical Services Week is the fourth week of May and a perfect opportunity to offer discounts to local emergency medical personnel on their car care needs.
  2. National Police Weekis the third week of May and presents a good time to honor local law enforcement with a shoutout on social or discounts for the men and women in blue.
  3. National Nurses Day is May 6th, and it is great to offer deals to any nurses who bring their cars in for service or repair.


Make May Profitable with Conceptual Minds

Every month, your tire and auto repair shop has an opportunity to create meaningful connections with your target customers. Seasonal promotions can help you do just that and bring those prospects into your shop. Get inspired by these May promotions! And if you need more ideas, make May profitable with the Marketing Coaches at Conceptual Minds. Let’s chat today and put something together for your auto repair shop! We’ll handle every detail, from idea inception and campaign execution to post-promotion analytics. You don’t have to do a thing, except prepare for more car counts!

Learn About Conceptual Minds

As veterans of the automotive industry, the Conceptual Minds team are experts at growing car counts through effective and personable marketing. If you are unsure of your current marketing strategy and would like some guidance, contact us today.

Need more promotional ideas for your auto repair shop?

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